Hello @everyone! Lately we have had many ups and downs, having to make many hard decisions for the future of the server. We have come to a point where we are forced to change the server's progress plan to one of the following:


1) Release the content up to Legion, on whatever state they are and fix them based on the reports that will be made.


2) Keep the server as it is and release a new server with content up to Legion.


3) Wipe and restart the current server with content up to Legion. We know and understand that option 2 and 3 means people will lose their well earned rewards, so we have decided to implement the rewarding system in both those options. We know what you are thinking, that option 2 and 3 will in essence destroy your characters and progress made so far on any and all characters on your account. There is a benefit to this though. Many characters/accounts have achievements and achievement rewards that they never completed because of some bugs at the time, a prime example would be the Battle Pet achievements.


The reason of this announcement and the information we share with you is because we want to ask you this: We want your opinion on the subject and for that, a poll will be up in order for everyone to vote for the option they are in favor. We advise to not make hastily decisions and consider any and all benefits and drawbacks of each option and decide based on both the best for the progression of the server and for the best of you and the community. We want to thank each and everyone of you for being with us till this day and we are very sorry that we have to take this kind of action and abandon our initial progression route we had chosen, but the circumstances don't allow us to stay at this path. We hope you understand and continue to give us your support as you have been giving us till this very moments.


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