WoW-KOI Legion - Insta 100 - X1- PvE - Update!

Hello again, its WowKoi.

A little update from us. Since the last topic, most (if not all ) artifact quest's are scripted and working fine (need to be polished ). Zone quest's working good but still need some work here and there.

For this part of the beta, we gonna need more people to test and report the bug's they found out. Any kind of tester is welcome, pvp oriented, pvp, lore, gathering one. We wanna push the ''basic'' part of the game (working zone/quest/spell's) first so after that's done, the team can focus on more detailed part of the game.

And we are running out of issues, more than 200 issues closed and fixed this month. We need your help reporting all you can.

Release day is getting closer

See ya next week.



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