Hello there, long time no see!!

Hello there,long time no see! Hope everyone is doing ok in this ...interesting times. Now let’s move to the topic. As some of you may know, Wow Koi has been around for a long time. We started working on this project more than 3 years ago. Last year we changed the core and here we are. The people who play on our server (our lovely testers) know what's the state of it. For the players who haven't ill give u a little brif. The project is in a good state ( at least from our point of view). Most of the things that are Legion related (zones, dungeons etc. ) work well. Artifact weapons/quest lines work well and so on. There is a zero point to praise something that's not ready or ever in close to ready state. There is no point to lie to people about how things work and why. The truth is simple. Staff is small and the work that needs to be done is huge. People do what they can , but as everything good...this needs time too.


Now to the point. The server in the state as you see it is gonna release very soon! . By ‘’Release’’ I mean that the character you create and play won’t be deleted for a future ‘’re-release’’. So for the regular/casual player that's a Release. For us is just a Stage 2 and continue working on the project to make it as enjoyable as possible for us and for the players.  The goal is to simulate a blizzlike timeline for patc/content release starting with 7.0 until we reach Argus. That means the raids/dungeons will be locked at server start and will be released in time. PVP seasons are gonna start a month after the server opener with S1 Legion. Artifact power is a bit tricky , but we hope that the changes we made to gain it a bit slower gonna do the job.The focus of the project is to Fix legion (100+ ) part of the game, once that's ready or at least in a good state, we gonna fix the rest of the content. Keep in mind that everything pre-legion works too, but its in very bad shape. So u can farm old dungeons/raids for mounts/transmogs etc, but overall the leveling experience is just bad.


A little info about what to expect/how to play as a new player. Once you make an account and a character, and log in to the work, just use the ingame shop. There is a free ‘’Insta 100’’ boost that once you ‘’buy’’ is gonna make your character a level 100 with everything needed to start a leveling in Legion. 


Speaking of the shop. We aim for a Pure cosmetic shop and won't include any p2w futures ,items etc. Later on ,depending on the pop and the situation we may add some bag’s or lets say ‘’catch up’’ tier items. So if you clear Argus and we add a Karazhan set for the new ppl , I don't see that as a problem. But again… that's just an option, and when time comes, there's gonna be a community survey for things like that.


Some words about cheaters/hackers/toxic ppl. We're just gonna ban you and move on. The staff is small enough to ‘’take care and investigate in depth the situation’’. If we find evidence that you cheat/use exploits or just be a toxic ‘’smart person’’ = ban. We don’t need 5k pop full of bots, fake numbers and toxic ppl. Small friendly community is enough. There are plenty of other servers for everyone. Koi's role is to be a shelter for people who just wanna ‘’relax for 1-2h after work’’ or just log and chat a bit with nice ppl.

TLDR: Release date very soon!
Free insta 100
No p2w shop
Small staff = lot more to be fixed


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