Hello dear Koi community!

Many of you have been here for a long time, there are some new face’s here and there, and there are some people who are older than earth here. With this post, we're gonna reveal the ‘’secret’’ around the release date. Some fast info about why there was another delay of that reveal. As many of you know, sometimes you think something is ‘’A’’ , but end up as ‘’B’’. Same happens with some of our fix’s that at first place looked good, but after a deeper review , some big issue’s pop up. Server is not perfect and will never be, but we want to clear as many issues as possible before more player’s test our project. After a review of the DB, some dialog around the staff, we set a date for Nov 13th 2021. What does that mean? In the upcoming week’s we are going to gather the information from the bugtracker for our top ‘’reporters’’ and give some rewards for the good job done. The ad campaign is gonna start ‘’soon’’ too. We are looking for someone to make a fan made trailer (for a reward afcours ).


Let’s be honest, the server was in a beta for long enough. ‘’Beta’’ or ‘’Release’’, the staff work and gonna work with the same or ever faster speed anyway. There is a need for a Discord moderator and Ingame GM. We're gonna post more info about that last part soon.


Stay safe and stay tune!


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