We wanna give you a little update before the release on the 13th (1 PM UTC+1)

The most noticeable changes in the past week are Mardum full rework, Hall of Valor rebuild and Alcaz Island area rework as supposed to be. All of that wasn't done in just a week, just the deadline for its match. As a standard process in every server out there, adding a new system to the core broke some things here as there ( sorry druids) but now everything is sorted out.

A big note about new people on the server. Once you log in, you need to use the ingame shop and boost your character to level 100 (free). For now the scenario ‘’The Battle for Broken Shore’’ is set to autocomplete until it gets a proper fix.

Anyway, the main purpose of the post is just a reminder that work is done and with the help of our testers and future player’s, this project will become (at least hope so) a very cozy and comfy place for everyone ( hammer time for the ‘’nice’’ and toxic people ^_^ ).''




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