A week since we release!

Hello @everyone It’s almost a week since we release, and o boy…. What a week. The best thing (and none argue about it ) is that it was crashless. Everything looks stable and it’s a great start and makes things way easier from now on. The sad was the ilvl ‘’issue’’ (it’s solved and on the live server ready for the test’s already), dungeon scaling is a bit off and some artifact power/weapon quests problems. A lot of work is done about the quests since then, so dev’s catch up on that. Dungeon’s scaling is on the table too, waiting for a fix.

Some World Quests that are not supposed to be in-game will be disabled too. It wasn’t the release we imagine and dream off, but it wasn’t so bad either. There are problems that will be solved, and the new one that will pop up ...and be solved too. It’s a process. Hope everyone enjoys the project and thanks for the kind words and the great support. Now the second part of the post. Now a little explanation of how the ilvl fix work, why it works that way, and what to expect from it:

All items obtainable in the game will be scaled up to a maximum of 885 and Legendaries up to 895. Users who already have items with an item lvl higher than 885 items will drop from itemlvl to the maximum allowed. With this itemlvl fix, the artifact weapon will not be affected to avoid possible bugs since the items are accompanied throughout the journey and are not replaceable. The ItemLvL of the rolled items will be capped at a maximum of 885. Depending on the difficulty in which the loot is generated, then the ItemLvL will look close to that:

Difficulty ItemLvl Min  ItemLvl Max
Dungeon Normal 805 825+
Dungeon Heroic 825 840+
Dungeon Mythic 840 850+
Raid LFR 835 850+
Raid Normal 850 865+
Raid Heroic 865 880+
Raid Mythic 880 885+
BG/Arena 840+  


The fix is focused on adjusting only the itemlvl , since would be impossible to match the rest using a 7.3.5 client. Item stats and ilvl are directly related to the information provided by the client.

We will have items up to 885 but it is possible that their stats are higher than items with similar itemlvl in patch 7.0. That’s not a bad thing, since as you may have also noticed the damage of the spells and NPCs are set to 7.3.5 and nerfing stats will affect the performance of the players.

We hope you like what we did and that if have any suggestions or find a bug, please let us know.

Aside from that, please join our community survey and decide if the cross-faction is needed or not.


The results will be posted on our Discord in the upcoming hours.

PS: Fixed some exp related problems, evades, not being able deliver and not seen the next available quest should be fixed too @everyone. (Please remember delete cache folder, abandon and take the quests again )


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