Brand new stuff!! IMPORTANT!

Hello @everyone! I gonna try to keep this post short and clear. As some of you know, the project is a 7.3.5 Legion server in origin. Right now the only content released is Emerald Nightmare, but on 29th (yes it's supposed to be on the 28th, but we leave it for 29th) we releasing a lot more things for our players.

Brand new ‘’Play-Reward ‘’ system - Every 30 min of playtime players get 5 tokens. Every 10 tokens are 1 shop coin.

Brand new (for our project) Recruit a friend system. Short info about is 50% bonus experience and 10% rep for both accounts if they are in 100y range, and spell that can summon each other every 30 min plus grant levels for a catch-up. The full info with all details will be posted on our website soon. They're gonna be a bonus reward for both accounts as mounts, pets, and so on, but we still making the list.

The content will be released until ToS normal. HC and mythic, as Argus will be unlocked with the time go. Invasion point’s with the quests related to them will be activated too.

Artifact knowledge will be increased to 40 cap Item level will be set to fit the 7.3.5 patch, so hopefully, we won't have a big problem with it now. With the upcoming patch, the legendaries will be updated from 895 to 970ilvl automatically. The experience rate will be changed too: Level 1 to 60 = x5/ Level 60 to 100 = x3/ Level 100 to 110 = x1 That way, every player can level up a lot more easy the alts they want. On top of that, we give 2 more free level 100 boosts. With the upcoming update, we decide to move the experience potion to our shop, since with the coin’s that every player gains, it's fairer to let them decide if they wanna use the potions or not.



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