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As you may see, we took a new way of developing our server. Before about two weeks we change our core with a new one, and with the hope for a better future for everyone here. The reason for that decision was very simple, the new core is way more stable and with better structure and possibility for improvement. Sadly for our devs, the fix’s from the old core most likely are not compatible without months of work. So at this point, the only thing we have right now is a good core, amazing devs, and a wonderful community.

Now the things we are all here, the results from the community survey.

What type of server do you prefer?

By the look at things, most of the ppl prefer the PVE type of server. For PVP lovers there are still arena, battleground, and so on.

What type of progress do you prefer?

Here you can see that most of the people don’t care much about that as far the quality is good. We're gonna talk about that later on. Let’s leave it here for now.

What XP rate are you gonna like?

Not much to say here, there are a lot of  x1 lovers by the look at things. We're gonna talk about that later too.


How do u feel about patch release in Legion content?

That’s an interesting one, but as before… we gonna say more later.

What do you think about our in-game shop?

50/50 is the worst thing u can get, so look like in ‘’worst-case’’ u gonna have XP boost and bags, in best u gonna have only cosmetics and mounts/transmog. That may need a separate survey about the items in the shop (someone must pay the bills at the end).


What do you think about Multiboxing?

Not a big surprise with this one. People wanna play in peace without worrying about playing vs multiboxers.


Rate the importance part as u may think…… everything ends up important.


Since u saw all the data, let’s move to details.


What type of progress do you prefer?

Since a big part of you cares about quality over quantity, we're gonna stick to that too. As we say before the core is new and there is close to none DB fixes, we're gonna focus our work on Legion content and once that’s ready and running, we're going to fix anything else. Class/talents/spell’s count to Legion content. Aside from that, if /when u find any other bug that’s not related to Legion feel free to report it. Soon or later it will be fixed too, just won’t have priority for that until we are done with Legion.


What XP rate are you gonna like?

If u check out the survey again,u gonna see most of you pick x1 with instant level 100 boost (you gonna start with some basic gear). That matches the answers to the other questions and gonna fit perfectly with our goals.


How do you feel about patch release in Legion content?

Since most of you pick to start with  7.0, that’s we gonna do. Starting with the standard 10 dungeons that were released on day one. After that, the plan is to add Karazhan Dungeon. Once that’s done, and some months later, we're gonna add Cathedral of the Eternal Night and finishing with Seat of the Triumvirate.

Raid wise the release follows the same path.
Start with The Emerald Nightmare ( 3 weeks after release), continue with Trial of Valor. After that, we have The Nighthold, Tomb of Sargeras, and final raid Antorus, the Burning Throne. 

Take a note that the server will be 7.3.5 patch (spell/talents/quests etc.), just Dungeon/Raid part will be released one by one. 


In a more simple way it looks like that.




Stage 1

10 dungeons 

The Emerald Nightmare 3 weeks after release

Stage 2 

Karazhan Dungeon

Trial of Valor

Stage 3

Cathedral of the Eternal Night 

The Nighthold

Stage 4


Tomb of Sargeros

Stage 5

Seat of the Trimvirate

Antorus, the Burning Throne.

The timeline for every stage will be decided later on.

Aside from the gameplay, the team is working on a new site that will be way more clear and fit better for our project.

Some info about the testers too. Right now testers have an option for 110 boosts + item set to test the first dungeons that we wiped and build from zero. We think for a second option for testers to start from level 100 so they can test more quests by the way to level 110.

As a reward, every tester gonna keep their transmog sets and mount collection for release. Depending on the tester’s work, we may add some more handy rewards for the future too.


As u noticed, there is not much new info, and a lot of questions may still be open. That’s why we need your help. Join our project as a tester or ever a member

Follow the links below to find out more about us and our project!



November 15 2020 - 16:27 PM

The server is just aviable atm or not?

November 15 2020 - 16:34 PM

yes it is.

November 17 2020 - 18:44 PM

I followed the instructions on the site but when i try to log-in appear the message: "You have been disconnected. (BLZ51901021)" and i can't proceed further. I had an account on the old core game but I suppose it's lost when the core changed, not a problem for me but I would like to play on new server. Please help me to solve this issue. Thanks. Bye

December 07 2020 - 20:56 PM

and why there are so few players on this server

December 07 2020 - 20:57 PM

and will there be more people on this server or will I choose bad land, always when I play, there are 4 players

December 07 2020 - 20:58 PM

and what is supposed to be after the new year, please answer here

June 10 2021 - 14:12 PM

how many people have this server?

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