WoW-KOI Legion - Insta 100 - X1- PvE - Update!

Hello there, it’s WowKoi again!

From the testing part, Azsuna is scripted (some of the quests are not polished or set to auto-complete, so you won’t be stuck doing the zone), but will be polished for release. The Druid Artifact chain is fully done. Eye of Azshara, Maw of Soul, Neltharion Lair are done as well.

Most of the other Artifact weapons for the rest of the classes can be done, but all will be polished or wiped and rescripted from zero. As some of you may miss, the plan for the release is simple, follow (for the most part) the blizzlike timeline. Starting with 10 dungeons at release, 2-3 weeks later the first raid, and so on. We working on a way to ‘’restrict’’ the artifact perks and ‘’unlock’’ them as the server progress, but that’s still just an idea. For the release , the players gonna start with level 100 and starting gear. The rate stays x1 for XP, money, drop, and anything else.

As closed I wanna share a little info about the job that was done. There are more than 100k fixed (yes… 100k) in the past two months. Some are small, some big, but all that need time and dedication to be done. There is a long way in front of us, but slow and steady, we gonna get there.

That was from us for now.

See ya next week.



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