Rules and Guidelines

Any user registering an WowKoi account is obliged to read and follow the rules and guildelines listed below as well as the privacy policy. Violation of any of them may result in an account suspension or limitation of in-game capabilities of user’s characters.


1- The Administration reserves the right to modify the rules at any given time. Users disagreeing with any change may ask for their account to be suspended within 7 days of its enforcement.

2- The email address used during the account registration process is bound to it permanently and cannot be changed. It is the user’s responsibility to ensure it's always active, accessible and secure.

3- Registering an account and playing on the server is free of charge.

4- Any appeals and objections concerning punishments and decisions made by Staff Members must be reported directly to the Administration via a private message on the official forum or discord server within 14 days from their enforcement. Decisions made by the Administration are considered final and will not be revised unless new information/evidence is provided.

5- An Administrator may overturn a decision or a punishment dispensed by other Staff Members at any given time.

6- Any action considered malicious, harmful or immoral may be subjected to punishments even if not explicitly stated in the rules. Such situations will be treated individually.

7- WowKoi Staff takes no responsibility for the loss of accounts, characters or any in-game goods. It is in the users’ best interest to ensure safety of their data by taking security precautions and not sharing their account information with anyone.

8- The Administration will not return any points spent in the donation store or trade a purchased item for a different one.


1- English is the official language of the WowKoi game servers, all public channels and related community platforms. Communicating in any other language on any public channels is allowed.

2- All users are required to follow the Netiquette and treat other members of the community with respect. Posting content or messages which, in the sole and absolute discretion of the WowKoi Team, are deemed to be offensive, unlawful, harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, hateful, sexually explicit, or discriminating in any way are strictly forbidden. Any attempts to circumvent this rule may be punished as well.

3- Using offensive character, pet, arena teams or guild names will be treated as a violation of the Netiquette and the player will be forced to rename them.

4- WowKoi Staff is made of volunteers who devote their free time to improving and managing the server. Insulting or disrespecting them will be punished very harshly. Accusing members of the Staff of corruption/collusion without any evidence will be considered disrespectful and treated accordingly.

5- Playing on the server is a privilege. Any out of place comments or insults regarding the state of the server or attempts to lessen the fun of other players may be punished.

6- Impersonating members of the WowKoi Staff is not allowed and will be punished very harshly.

7- It is forbidden to send addresses and links to private profiles on any of the WowKoi platforms. Intentional publication of personal details to embarrass or harm anyone will not be tolerated.

8- Advertising gambling (games of chance, death rolls, etc.) on all public channels and related community platforms is not allowed.

In-Game Offenses

1- Using 3rd party programs (hacks, cheats, bots, nameplate extenders etc.), exploiting or abusing bugs in order to gain advantage (intentionally or not).

2- Corpse camping in PvP areas is allowed, provided it is not done in a very prolonged manner with the sole intention of interrupting other players’ experience.

3- Multiboxing using 3rd party software – players are allowed to be logged in on maximum two characters per player, without using key broadcasting software. Joining battlegrounds or arenas with multiboxed characters is strictly forbidden.

4- PvP Exploiting – wintrading, boosting arenas, abusing any quick pvp resources (Halaa Battle Tokens, Honor Points etc.) gains, using any battleground anti-afk kick prevention.

5- Attempting to persuade a member of the Staff by offering money, goods or other services either in-game or outside of it.

6- Attempting to intentionally deceive Staff Members.

7- Selling/buying/trading characters, gold, items, boosting services, etc. for real money or goods on another server.

8- Advertising other servers or services, including party, whisper and guild chats. Intentionally directing players to places where such content may be found is strictly forbidden as well.

9- Abusing terrain geometry or other ways to avoid getting attacked by guards in neutral towns (safespotting) after attacking other players.

10- Exploiting any quest-specific items or npcs to attack other players.


1- The Administration reserve the right to shut down/restart the server at any given time in case of unforeseen situations such as improvements, changes, updates, maintenance, and technical problems.

2- Evidence presented in reports/appeals needs to provide full context of the situation (e.g. fully extended chat logs on screenshots). Staff Members may decide to not take action if they consider the given data to be lacking crucial information or to be modified in any way.

3- Staff Members do not have the obligation to share evidence or reasoning behind their decisions.

4- Staff Members are allowed to play on their own private characters without receiving any in-game advantages, commands or other external help and they are subject to following the rules just like every other player.

5- WowKoi Staff will not free nicknames on demand.

6- WowKoi Staff does not have the obligation to return lost experience/items/gold/goods/etc. due to technical issues.

7- Transactions made in The Market cannot be undone. When you exchange WowKoi Points, it's final and cannot be reverted in any way.